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  • ¨ By 2020, depression is expected to be a leading cause of disability worldwide, second only to heart disease.



  • ¨ Dr. Jane Baxter, a specialist in mood disorders and binge eating and other addictions, applies her unique ability to meet readers where they're at emotionally, physically, and spiritually and to motivate them to move beyond feelings of inertia.



  • ¨ Includes photos, the Five-Week Move More, Smile More Routine, Challenge & Correct Formula to end negative self-talk, photos, and reproducible charts.



Research has proven that exercise helps to lessen or even reverse symptoms of depression. How to Manage Your Depression through Exercise meets depressed readers where they are at emotionally, physically, and spiritually and takes them from the difficult first step of getting started to results. Through inspiring facts explaining the neuroscience behind how movement helps mood, the Move More, Smile More Routine, the Challenge & Correct formula to end negative self-talk, and words of encouragement, author Jane Baxter, PhD, gets readers beyond feelings of inertia one step at a time. Includes reproducible charts, an activities list, and photos illustrating various exercises.



About the Author

Jane Baxter, PhD, is a psychotherapist and certified physical trainer who has developed an innovative approach to improving patients’ physical and mental health simultaneously. 
Dr. Baxter received her PhD and MSW in Clinical Social Work from the University of Maryland. A specialist in mood disorders and binge eating and other addictions, Dr. Baxter teaches patients to train their brains the same way they train and strengthen their bodies. Her psychotherapy sessions unite physical workouts and fitness instruction with traditional talk therapy in a unique treatment process she calls PsychFit, Dr. Baxter is based in Washington, DC.

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